As we started preparing for storing whole grains and food, we learned something the hard way...

"A Moisture-Proof Grain Bucket is Vital for Storing Your Whole Grains and Other Foods...Without it You Might Easily Lose Your Whole Supply!"

Having the Proper Grain Bucket and Food Storage Solution That is Moisture Proof and SAFE is Essential When You Purchase Whole Grains, Whole Wheat, Oats, Wheat Flour, or Other Storable Food Items 

Don't take a chance on losing your whole supply (or potentially storing your food in a chemically hazardous bucket or bin)!   

We Offer a Great Low-Cost (and Very Convenient) Grain Storage Solution to Help you Protect Your Whole Grain Supply!   

(Watch the video and judge for yourself.)



The Perfect Food-Grade Grain Bucket with an "easy-to-open" spin off lid!

6.5 Gallon (24.603 liters) Screw Top

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 Our Grain Bucket is FDA Approved Top-Quality Food Grade, and Offers the Absolute Best Solution for Storing Whole Wheat and Grains.  

  • Specially Designed Easy-Open Lid is Arthritis Friendly, but still Child-proof

  • 6.5 Gallon Capacity allows you to purchase and store larger volumes of grains, beans, rice, etc.  

  • Unique Design provides a Convenient and safe stacking system in your pantry or storage area.

  • Exclusive Locking lid keeps your grain safe from accidental tipping.

  • Durable Long-Lasting Quality will serve your storage needs for years to come.


Customer Testimonial:


I have purchased all sizes of your spin-lid storage buckets, and I love them enough that I have purchased buckets twice.   The buckets have come in handy for several other uses in addition to my original purpose, which was storing grains.   I have used the larger buckets to store extra dog food during the winter, to make sure that we would not run out in case of snow-covered or icy roads.   Now I store all my dog food in these containers, and it stays fresh, is more accessible and the area is much neater.   We have a large koi pond, and I store koi food in the buckets as well.   Perhaps my most unusual use for the storage buckets is to hold kitchen scraps for composting.   We had problems with fruit flies and with odor from the kitchen compost scraps.   The one-gallon bucket is perfect for that use.   It seals air-tight and prevents odor as well as insects.   I even tested by submerging a bucket, and it was water-tight as well as air-tight.

Most important for me, however, is the ease of opening.   I have arthritic hands and currently am recovering from a fractured wrist, leaving my hands quite weak.   Most of the time I end up asking someone else to open containers for me.   After watching your video, it seemed that these spin-lids would be manageable for me.   And they are.    Just press the little lever-like part at the rim, and it's easy to open.   Then just replace the lid and give it a spin.  So easy!

Beth G, Ohio


Incredible 6.5 Gallon (24.603 liters) Durable Grain Bucket with Easy-Open Screw Top

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Storing Grains can be a HEALTH ISSUE

Some people think... "I just need a construction bucket to store my grains"


One of the reasons that many people mill whole grains is because they are concerned with health issues.  Some plastic buckets that are easily purchased in the local hardware or discount stores, are in fact toxic.  Most of the buckets are for non-food industrial usage.  The plastic used to make these buckets has toxic chemicals that are not meant to be in contact with food.  Sure, you can buy those buckets for seven or eight dollars, but do you really want to risk the health issues from the chemical residue on your food?  

Our Grain Bucket (with easy-lock lid) is FDA approved food grade plastic.  The lids have a neoprene seal to seal out air, moisture and water. The plastic is thick and pest resistant. The lids are senior friendly yet child resistant. They are stackable (they nest inside each other's lid) for great storage out of the way and perhaps along a wall.  

Customer Testimonial:

I've used other types of Storage buckets with at least 2 different types of lids, but the Spin Lid Food Grade Storage Grain Buckets are, by far, my favorite.  They seal well and are much easier to open than any other type I've used.  That was especially important after I broke my arm and needed to access my grain.  Grain in the other types of containers was inaccessible, if I didn't have someone close by to help me.  Yet, I could still use the Spin Lid Buckets even though I didn't have great strength in my arm.  I love the Spin Lid buckets!  These are the best storage buckets I've used.

Cheri H. in FL


Rather than searching for specialty lids to fit buckets that may not be food grade, or worse, may have had toxic chemicals in the bucket before using, it's much healthier (and cheaper) to purchase our "easy-to-open" Grain Bucket.

If you have tried to find other buckets for your storage - and then separately purchase a "gamma seal" lid to protect your grain you know it requires a large hand and good forearm strength to turn.  Terribly inconvenient, and certainly not helpful if you have arthritis or weak arm strength - NOT TO MENTION the expense is likely going to be cost-prohibitive more than purchasing our FOOD GRADE all-in-one storage bucket.  Go ahead, search and find out for yourself. 

In comparison to trying to piece together other storage pails and lids, we have found this grain bucket to be the best simple solution for our long term and bulk storage.  With the all-inclusive lid, size, food-grade, sturdy plastic and nesting capabilities, this one stop order gives us peace of mind for our dry good storage.  


Customer Testimonial:

When I have learned about food storage and decided to start small and have one 5 gallon bucket for grains. We are primarily vegetarian and it made sense to me to have grains on hand to hand for cooking so that I did not have to run to the store.

The 5 gallon grain bucket is easy to use and takes little space. Living in Florida, space is a premium . There are no basements and little closet space. After seeing how useful the bucket was , I realized quickly that there are many uses for them. They are valuable to keep toys, supplies and waterproof documents.

Another incentive that has influenced how I feel about the buckets is that my husband is facing uncertain employment. With a weak economy I feel safer knowing that I can create my own destiny by having adequate stores of food.

What is my greatest concern about the buckets? 
The answer: is my own creativity.
What started as a one time convenience as now turned into a commitment to organization and having adequate supplies.

Donna has been a wonderful mentor. She is knowledgeable about her wonderful product 

Adele S, Florida



*Here are the Grain Bucket dimensions  

Outside Top Diameter (inches) 14.17
Inside Top Diameter (inches) 11.89
Outside Height (inches) w/ cover 17.70
Inside Height (inches) 16.33
Outside Bottom Diameter (inches) 10.46
Inside Bottom Diameter (inches) 10.37
Cubic Inches 1,501



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More of the Benefits...! 

Neoprene Seal - The lids have a neoprene seal to seal out air, moisture and water.  This Grain Bucket is top quality!  
FDA Approved Food-grade Plastic - This isn't some flimsy plastic bucket you get from the discount store.  This is a heavy grade food quality heavy-duty plastic that is sturdy enough to hold it's shape for years.  You won't find a better grain bucket. 
Sturdy and Affordable Storage - This grain bucket works well for both long term as well as bulk short term storage.   They also have many other features that are very valuable for long term storage.
Unique Locking lid technology keeps out the kids - The lids are easily removed for frequent use of any bulk item in the pantry, but are safe from the curious hands of small kids.     

Customer Testimonial:

Your Grain Bucket is simply the best!  I've tried everything, and was never totally satisfied until I got yours.  Now, it's all that I use.  I'll definitely order more, as I increase the size of my grain supply.

CM, Fort Myers Florida



Customer Testimonial:

I have viewed your video trainings and ordered from you Grain store, so I know you offer great quality and support.   Can't wait to get my storage bucket so I can get my grains properly stored. 

WS, Burnsville, NC




We are completely confident that you will absolutely love the quality of our Grain Bucket.  We are so confident, in fact, that we are able to offer the following RISK-FREE 30 day Money Back GUARANTEE...     

If you order our grain bucket and are not completely satisfied with the Top-Quality design and function, simply return the bucket to us (unused) within 30 days - and we will immediately refund 100% of your purchase price.  (We do not refund shipping charges.)


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